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October 20, 2007

Seen: Kylie Minogue leaving Heathrow Airport

Kylie Minogue was spotted boarding a plane at Heathrow Airport on Friday along side her #1 gay William Baker.

Evidently Kylie and Willie are headed to Marakesh for a much needed vacation before the promo for Kylie's new single 2 Hearts is officially released.

Copies of the much anticipated single's promotion tracks leaked to the web early Friday morning but were pretty much wiped out before all of Kylie's secrets got out.

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leave kylie alone stop following her leave her be i love you kylie

Since the entire song and video are on her official website it is hardly a leak.It was also played at WD docco. "premier " What does poster mean stop following her? .She posed at airport for the photos.She loves the limelight.When she does not she is quite able to slip out without being seen.!!!.

Kylie M. Is alot more Intellegent, Talented, Down 2

Earth, and Hotter than you lot will ever be .......

So that leaves the obvious thing too say ??? All of

you dont say anything # KEEP YOUR CAKE HOLES SHUT......

Be honest if u dislike her music ( each 2 their own ).

Dont judge her personally cos you dont know her 2 do that

Be happy lifes too short ) C.

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