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October 20, 2007

The first commerical for Britney Spears's Blackout

Here is the first commercial for Britney Spears' new album Blackout

The commercial is actually good and somewhat convincing.  Too bad the same people who edit Britney's commericals don't also edit her videos. 

The TV spot for Blackout is MUCH better than the actual video, but with all of the free press Britney is getting... who really needs a good music video or commercial for that matter?


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The video looks great! Too bad she can't focus 100% on it at this point. It's also a shame that so many people lie about her in the news etc. I know some of the negative stuff is true, but every day there is a false story about her. Or they exaggerate it. For example, most of the stories about her running over the pap's foot where exaggerated lies. I saw the real youtube video and the guy was fine and said so. But in the stories I read, some even claimed he was yelling in agony and was taken to a local hospital. They said that Britney's hand was over her face because she was sobbing in shock.. Then she drove away without stopping etc. Her hand was over her face well before the incident, LOL.

Yea, but FREE PRESS doesnt sell product. Lindsay Lohan tried that when I KNOW WHO KILLED ME was released. She didnt promote shit (like Britney aint promoting shit) and all the press was about what a train wreck Lindsay was, and IS. Long story short, the movie debuted under 5 million in opening week (which is a FLOP) and I hate to say it but with the god-awfull cover of BLACKOUT and the lack of GOOD promotion Britney's will too. I think her label pushed it to be released so they can just finish their obligations to her contract and then DROP her...

poor brit. it didnt have to be this way. : (

Heaven on Earth!!!!!

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