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November 21, 2007

Gay bashings on the rise

The FBI released an alarming report on Monday that says gay bashings made up 16% of all hate crimes in the U.S. in 2006, up from 14% in 2005.

Overall, bias-motivated crimes increased 8 percent in 2006. Hate crimes based on sexual orientation are the third most common type behind those based on race and religion, according to the annual report.

Can you believe that?!  If anything, I expected gay bashings to be on the decline.

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Honestly this is no surprise to me at all.Gays are still at the B.O.B. as far as society is concerned.Look at the kind of garbage thats on TV nowadays and some of these movies like "I now pronounce you Chuck & Larry" what kind of fish-brain demon spawn would come up with some shit movie like that? Then look at all this political anti-gay nonsense taking place in this country.I also noticed an incline in gay bashings right here in the city.I know of one that took place right outside of Splash back in October.Considering that the young generation of gays seem to careless about gay civil rights and care way too much about what Britney Spears and Lindsay Lohan are doing to screw up their own lives,its no wonder the move to equal rights for gays is moving backwards.And dont even get me started on the race issue,its quite evident that this country is still stuck in the 1950s and George Bush has made that much much worse.

While the open-minded and liberal parts of our society are becoming more tolerant of Homosexuality, the lowly, uneducated, "Jeryy Springer" types are using the struggle for GLBT equality as fodder for their darkness. Unfortunately it is still socially allowable for the dregs of society to use same sex orientation as a weapon.

I come from a blue collar background and have always had my heart out there for the poor, common person. I have always found the elite to be pretentious snobs. But, honestly I have to say that there has been a shift in my mind concerning this. It seems that the intelligence and acceptance of us is far greater in elite circles than it ever could be in lowly ones.

Racial relations are still on the mend. I am moved by some African-American leaders who have passionately advocated for the GLBT community with more force than anyone. But, using the above logic, some poor and under educated African Americans have been some of our most vocal opponents. Two examples are Tim Hardawy, and the guy from Grey's Anatomy(I can't even remember his name).

So, it is all about people in general. There is acceptance and non-acceptance in every segment of society when it comes to us. As a transwoman, I think it is very important that we not let our opposition take the high ground. Nor, do I feel that we should pull any punches. We need to drive home these facts:

Homosexuality is completely natural and has been observed in over 1,000 animal species. Other species don't condemn their gay brothers and sisters, why do Humans? Homosexuals have many distinct characteristics such as different finger print patters than Heterosexuals(for gay Men). Homosexuals have different body structures, gait and body shape than Heterosexuals. If we are biologically different from them, then they cannot say that we choose to be gay. Thus, being gay should be JUST as protected as race!

The Earth is dying from global warming and over-population. Heterosexuals are the cause of that, not gays. Gays are a salvation to the planet under the over-population, global warming paradigm.

Lastly, Homosexuals don't have abortions. If there was ever a definitive marker of Heterosexual irresponsibility, abortion tops the list!

Use these tenets against your enemies. They need to understand that they are NOT perfect. Perhaps then they will begin to see the equality in our Humanness.

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