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November 10, 2007

Is Beauty and the Geek's first male beauty a phony?

So I'm sitting here on a Saturday morning watching re-runs of Grounded for Life on ABC-Family... loser-ish, I know... but regardless I saw a familar face.

What in the world is Sam Horrigan from WB's Beauty and the Geek doing with a speaking role on a Grounded episode that came out in 2003.

Could Beauty and the Geek's first male beauty be a phony?

After doing a little research, I found that this reality star in the making is actually a legitimate actor with minor roles on Little Giants, Veronica Mars, One Tree Hill and clearly Grounded for Life.

Sam even had a starring role as Quentin Kelly on Grace Under Fire. On the show, Sam claims to be a party promoter; but it looks like he may have actually been a child actor.

That makes me wonder, is Sam acting like he is a dumb beauty for WB's reality experiment?

Let's hope not.  Beauty and the Geek could have found a lot of hotter guys to play the male pretty boy!  We all know that.

Plus, party promoter is a good career for actors who don't make it in the business.  Do you remember Jeremy Jackson (aka Hobie from Baywatch)?  He is a party promoter in LA now.  Hell, I guess I even fall into that category too.

I'm still digging into this whole Sam Horrigan thing.  I'll keep you posted!


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I have seen him out in LA before. He is a super loser, and he is NOT a legitimate actor. He is washed up.

do you remember the disney movie Brink? he was one of the rollerbladers.

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