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November 21, 2007

Soap hunk Marcus Patrick gets naked for Playgirl, strips at gay club

Even though it hasn't officially been confirmed, Days of Our Lives hunk, Marcus Patrick was likely fired from his starring soap gig because he got naked for Playgirl.

Until late last week, Marcus played Jett Carber on the popular daytime drama Days of Our Lives.  Now, Patrick finds himself unemployed.

On Wednesday, these photos surfaced from gays in West Hollywood who caught Marcus taking it off at Micky's, a popular gay bar.

Does anyone remember how Vanessa Williams got famous?  Williams was a beauty queen stripped of her title after she posed for Playgirl, now she's a household name.

I hope the same thing happens for Marcus Patrick!  High School Musical star Vanessa Hudgens can get naked and send out pics of her hairy bush, but an adult soap star can't get naked for Playgirl.  It doesn't seem right to me.


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vanessa you are so gross i hate you.

Let's get our facts straight before we write them down for the world to see.

Vanessa Williams took nude photos for a photographer that were not supposed to be published. The photographer then sold the pictures to Penthouse. She did not pose nude for a magazine in any way.

please---get marcus to come to my place for an aussie holiday...... garry

I don't think he was fired for getting naked in Playgirl. It was dancing in a banana hammock at a gay bar in West Hollywood that got him fired. Playgirl, Vanessa Hudgens, that's all normal heterosexual scandal. You can't get caught letting a bunch of 'fags' ogle your wood. . . that will get you fired. Rock on Senator Larry Craig!!

he could definitely wrk for TITAN VIDEO!

charles, get him to dance at hot mess!!!!

I agree with DM Johnson. He was fired for dancing at a gay club not for posing in Playgirl.

Ok, let's make sure it's very clear. Marcus Patrick was not fired because of him taking it off in Playgirl. He was fired because he couldn't act his way out of a paperbag. (Though, him actually passing out his nudie calendar at a Days family event probably didn't help much.)

Okay, Marcus Patrick was not fired for his posing in Playgirl. The man couldn't act his way out of a paperbag. As pretty as he is, it was painful to watch him onscreen.

I liiiiiive for Vanessa williams. too bad about this dude though.

jeezus what's all the fucking crap about... the guys a freakin stud, hung like a horse judging by those pics... if ya got it flaunt it... why the hell not... Those uptight assholes at NBC should take a long hard look (no pun intended) at what brings in ratings... it ain't their lame ass story lines... It's people like Marcus... the world is all about sex baby!

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