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January 10, 2008

Donald Trump on Britney Spears

Donald Trump has chimed in on the whole Britney Spears saga, and as expected the Donald thinks he is the only one who can help Brit-Brit.

This is Anna Nicole Smith all over again!" says Trump. "Someone needs to help her. Five years ago every teenager wanted to be just like her. She was so incredible, the cleanest and so beautiful, she was the ultimate teen and everybody just worshiped her. To see what's unfolding, being carried out in a stretcher in an ambulance, not even knowing where she was, it's just really very sad."

Donald isn't the only one who is making the Anna Nicole comparison. Last Thursday night when Britney was dragged out on a stretcher, Bobby Trendy showed up at the hospital to offer his help to Spears so she doesn't end up like Smith.

I don't know who scares me the most, Donald or Bobby Trendy. Eeek!

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