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January 22, 2008

Pills found near Heath Ledger's dead body

As we previously reported, Heath Ledger was found dead in his downtown Manhattan apartment on Tuesday afternoon.

Evidently his housekeeper entered Heath's room to let him know that his masseuse had arrived when she found the 28-year-old actor's dead body surrounded by pills.

Ledger, who was born in Australia, played the suicidal son of Billy Bob Thornton in "Monster's Ball" and had starring roles in "A Knight's Tale," "Brokeback Mountain" and "The Patriot." He was to appear as the Joker this year in "The Dark Night," a sequel to 2005's "Batman Begins."

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sounds like suicide. Sad. Depression is a terrible thing

The apartment was owned by Mary-Kate Olsen. Creepy.

Oh well, most gays die that way.

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