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August 11, 2008

Update: Is Lil' Wayne's daughter, Reginae Carter, really dead?



Earlier today, we brought you a story that claimed Lil' Wayne's daughter Reginae Carter has died at the young age of 8 years old. Evidently, that report is false. has updated their original story to now read:

There were rumors that Lil Wayne’s daughter died in a traffic accident but they are untrue. According to a message posted on his website by someone who says she is her Aunt, “I am pleased to inform you that this report is false. It is merely a rumor started by someone who obviously is miserable in their own skin that they would even have the notion to attack a child.”

Apparently the rumor started as a text message that was sent out on the internet and written about here. It is untrue.

What a sick and demented trick! I bet Lil' Wayne is pissed, and he has every right to be. I'd bust somebody up if they even started a rumor that my Chihuahua, Parker, was sick! I can't image how angry Lil' Wayne is right now!

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