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New York City's HK celebrates King Ralphy's birthday



On Saturday, April 4th; New York nightlife personality, King Ralphy, is turning 22 in style at HK Lounge.

For one night only, HK will be transported into Ralphy's royal abode with tons of giveaways as well as appearances and performances by some of the biggest names in NYC's gay nightlife such as Dina Delicious, Pepper Mint, Epiphany, Logan Hardcore, Yuhua, Jason Preston, Spicky Hilton, Petey the Pig, Jason Kaplan and gaysocialites.blog's Ronnie Hokanson.

On his birthday, King Ralphy says he'll shower the guests with tons of gifts including giveaways for porn, drinks and a new iPhone!

HK is located at 39th and 9th in New York City. Send your nightlife news and scoop to !


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