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Petey Pig mentioned on MTV News w/ Lady GaGa


Blame him for the swine flu if you must, but piggy stands out where ever he goes! Heres what MTV News had to say about Lady GaGa's NYC concert last week:

"Not only can she pull off the craziest styles, but she’s quite the performer too. She sounded great live and talked to the audience throughout the show, prompting the already-hyped crowd to go wild (one classic quote among many: “Do you know how many times I played clubs in this city and they threw beer at me? It was kind of fun”). The venue was packed with screaming and jumping Gaga fans, and we felt like sardines in there. In between fending off people pushing and shoving their way to get to the front (we even encountered a guy dressed up as a pig!), we couldn’t help but look up to the VIP balconies in an effort to catch a glimpse of Gaga’s A-list concertgoers."'

Pictured above: King Ralphy, Petey the Pig & Lauren @ Lady Gaga's show.


I guess I'm going to have to read up some more, but this is a good place to start.

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