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B.L.T's @ Rush?!

Taken from HX

Petey Pig Flames Up at Breakout on Friday Dina Marie Delicious and King Ralphy debuted their new “Breakout” party in association with BoiParty.blog’s $5 Fridays promotion at Rush this weekend. The new colorful cast of characters, including Ronnie Hokanson, DJ John Marto, Skyla Versai and Kitty Litter, livened up the room creating a new diverse crowd that gaysocialites.blog has tagged twinky glam. The party got hot quickly when someone noticed a smokey aroma. OMG! Petey Pig accidentally caught on fire! It was like a scene from an after-school special PSA with trannies, club kids and twinks screaming “Stop, Drop and Roll!”. Thankfully, there were no third degree burns and the Pig had a change of clothes in his car.

Come see King Ralphy, Dina, Yuhua, Jane, Nicho & the kids every Friday @ Rush!


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