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Ronnie Hokanson begs for your Glammy vote as Best Blogger/ Writer


In case you missed it, the 11th Annual Glammy nominations are out, and I'm nominated for a second year running.  [thank you, thank you... but hold your applause]. The ballots are going out even as we speak, I'd basically like to beg for your vote.

I got my first nomination last year. I lost.  Not only did I lose, but I lost to the Bunny... Lady Bunny.  

Now, it isn't the least bit humiliating to lose to one of the world's most famous DJing drag queens.  The problem is that I'm neither a drag queen nor a DJ.  I'm a journalist with degree in Broadcasting.  I just choose to report on something that other serious journalists may not, nightlife.

That's why this year, I'm taking my Glammy nomination seriously and basically begging for your vote.  At gaysocialites.blog, we have recently expanded to become an online magazine. We're growing our format to cover more news, entertainment, politics and theatre.  My goal is to give you, the gays, a place where you can get more than gay news.  We have a phenomenal team in place, and I share this nomination with them.

With what appears to be the fall of gay print media, blogging and online news outlets are taking the lead.  Whether it is true or not, I like to think of myself as a pioneer for gay blogging.  With a Glammy win for best blogger/ writer, I hope this will give the steam to lead this industry into the future.

Who's coming with me? [Sorry, Jerry MacGwire moment.]  I'd appreciate your support and vote in this Glammy category for Best Blogger/ Writer.  If you get a ballot, circle my name and send it back... or however you kids do it these days.


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