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Steel Gym is going to get the GaySocialites fit, join the fun!


gaysocialites.blog is proud to announce that our soon-to-be fit bodies are going to be sponsored by our fabulous friend Ken Hunt (pictured here) and the gorgeous staff at Steel Gym in Chelsea.

King Ralphy, Dina Marie and I start training on Monday.  Ken and the folks at Steel are going to help us get a jump start on our New Year's resolution!  By this time next year, we're going to be some healthy gay socialites!

If you wanna join the fun and work out with us, we'll be posting our workout schedule on our respective twitter accounts (@charleswinters, @kingralphy, @dinadelicious) and on the gaysocialites.blog twitter account (@gaysocialites).  We'll also be tracking our progress here on the site.

Contact Ken Hunt and the guys at Steel Gym if you want to get fit with us.  Tell them you're a gay socialite, and they'll hook you up with a deal.  Let's get physical!

Can I give up McChicken's and Sweet Tea? Will Ralphy cut down on the cigs? Can Dina Marie get fit for her album cover?  You'll have to stay tuned to gaysocialites.blog for video and photo updates to find out!


Wow this sounds great Tell me more about Steel Gym what kind of gym is it? Ken is so hot. Would he train me too-- thanks JohnnyDance

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