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Is NYC's mr. Black closed for good? A note from Stuart Black


Clubland was buzzing last week at what seemed to be another bump in the road for longtime New York City party mr.Black.

At about 9PM last weekend my cell phone went off non stop, with messages stating "Black's is closed, what do we do tonight?"

Stuart Black, who runs the long time party addressed club goers via his Facebook page on Friday explaining the recent drama. Below is his unedited letter.

"To all the peeps,

2009 has been a chaotic year for mr.Black, a year of impossible challenges, (we have moved twice) and yet a period of successful national growth has happened at the same time. It is unfortunate that i must announce that here in NYC/Manhattan mr.Black will be taking a break for the unforeseeable future.

Irreconcilable differences between mr.Black and the current venue that houses us has led to my decision. I look forward to the next few months of withholding mr.Black as a venue and take this opportunity to experiment and lay the the foundations for something even stronger than has been seen in the past.

Please take note that there is no time period for mr.Black's return or in what incarnation it will return as. Since our first return from exile in June 2008 we have constantly struggled in maintaining the quality of what we provide to patrons and trying to balance that with the conflicting operational practices of those venues that have been nice enough to house us. Therefore mr.Black's return as a venue will never happen if we do not control all aspects of the clubhouse as it was at the original mr BLACK which was a teeming success!

Sloppy kisses, Stuart Black."

I wish all my friends who were employed at Mr. Blacks the best, and I along with the rest of the city will be anticipating the party's next venture whenver it may be.


WHO CARES!!! Mr.Black has got to be the lamest gay club in the whole damn city and it draws the trashiest crowd.They cant even stay in 1 venue for more than 4 months.What NYC gay nightlife needs is something new and big. Until that happens gay nightlife in New York will continue to be boring.

ding dong the witch is dead! goodbye, good riddance!

Mr.Black has never had any relevancy,not even when it was at its original location on Bleeker.Nobody cares about that sleazy place except for maybe a small group of freaks and misfits who couldnt make it at the Roxy or at Rauhofer's WORK parties.The last time I went Ive seen a few unattractive queens doing their little vogue dance.Voguing is so 1991.Who the hell does that anymore.Most of the bitches who do that are shady as hell and spend the whole night talking shit about people.Enough about that.Id say send that dead horse out of its misery its not like they do anything new,its the same shit as it always was.Changing venues every few months doesnt change the party and vibe it only changes the location.I agree with James' statement,the gays need something big and exciting in this city,some little small room shit box where not so cutting edge music gets played all night does not bring the boys.We need Peter's WORK! every Saturday for that.His parties draw the big crowds,attractive men,and the best music the city has to offer.Rant over

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