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Favorite Things: Steel Gym


Our holiday favorite things continues with the place where the GaySocialites will be getting fit this as a part of New Year's resolutions!  You must come see us at Steel Gym!

Ken Hunt, the gentle giant boss man, is one of those trainers who can motivate you and push you at the same time.  I can't promise that you'll be able to perform simple actions the day after training with Ken, but I found that it is possible to function without picking anything up or carrying a bag.

Seriously, I've never felt more comfortable and more motivated to get in great shape!  King Ralphy is bulking up for the Winter Music Festival, Dina Marie is getting trim for her record release and I'm just trying to firm up a little so I don't actually look my age!

This favorite thing is one of our most favorite things.  Check out Steel Gym! A gym membership would also make a good gift for someone you love!


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