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gaysocialites.blog invades the 2010 Pill Awards


This weekend New York City celebrated the 2010 Pill Awards, and while I couldn't tell you the name of one category or who actually took home an award; I'll tell you that it was a real shit show.

Nightlife's elite and all the coolest gay film makers and creative types were on hand.  It was interesting to see so many of New York's most creative people in one room.

Seen were Michael Musto, Whore's Mascara, Sherry Vine as well as our very own King Ralphy and Dina Maire who each presented awards.

Ok, I'll admit it.  I didn't attend.  However, I am very proud of Team gaysocialites.blog who was in the building on Sunday night.  Our photographers Robin Souma and Eric Halliwell got some great shots, and you're going to die when you read Demanda's Dish!

Enjoy our coverage of the 2010 Pill Awards.

Pills and love to everyone,



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