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Wynter Gordon performing live in Manhattan this weekend

Regular readers, friends and fellow socialites know I fell in love with a David Guetta song last summer ("When Love Takes Over" featuring Kelly Rowland), and I might do the same this summer. 

Check out Wynter Gordon's "Dirty Talk" featuring David Guetta!

I know you've heard "Dirty Talk" if you've been clubbing in Manhattan.  Now, here's your chance to see Wynter perform it live.

On Saturday night at Rush in Manhattan, Wynter Gordon will perform "Dirty Talk" as a part of the weekly Drama Saturday's party with BoiParty.blog and DJ Steve Sidewalk.  Check out the Facebook invite for more information!


That makes sense.

I very much adore facebook's new "like" button. Want to be able to "like" anything you want? Check out this site, it does exactly that: www.fbliker.net

live in Manhattan? I wonder what the summer schedule looks like.


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