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Miley Cyrus goes G-A-Y with another girl-on-girl kiss


Miley Cyrus went gay with weekend as she performed at G-A-Y in London.  Keeping with her latest streak, the 17-year-old superstar staged a "mock kiss" with another girl.

While most of the audience felt like Miley lip locked with another girl, as she did last week on Britian's Got Talent.

However on her blog, Cyrus wrote,  'I promise you I did not kiss her'.

Proving that she is not daddy's little girl anymore, Miley dressed in a black undergarment barely covered by a Union Jack t-shirt.


Did you actually read Miley's blog?? She says that she did nothing wrong because she did not kiss another girl. Therefore, she is saying kissing another girl is wrong! Also do you remember that song she made 7 Things? In a live performance she stated she hated the guy cause he acted "gay!" Miley was and still is a homophobe!

Fans of Miley Cyrus should just allow her grow up. She is no longer that Disney little girl. I just love her new album, though!

Thanks for the interesting post! May I ask where you get your sources from?

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