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More celebs join #BoycottDolceGabbana

Celebs ask fans to #boycottdolcegabbana Elton John started a boycott against Dolce and Gabbana after the fashion designers said gay adoption was unnatural and called those born via IVF “synthetic children”.  Now more stars like Victoria Beckham, Ricky Martin and others are joining the legendary singer.

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Urban Outfitters item ‘reminiscent’ of Holocaust

urban outfitters jewish tapestry

Urban Outfitters is offending both the LGBT and Jewish communities with a tapestry (pictured above) that brings back eerie memories of Nazi concentration camps.

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Who wore Calvin Klein underwear best?


Who wore their Calvins best?

This photo of Mark Wahlberg, Nick Jonas, David Beckham and Justin Bieber (each wearing Calvin Klein underwear) is circulating on social media posing the question: Who wore their Calvin Kleins the best?

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Justin Bieber for Calvin Klein [video]

justin bieber for Calvin Klein

It’s official.  Justin Bieber is the new face and body of Calvin Klein. This picture (and more below) have confirmed the rumors that Bieber has signed a deal with Calvin Klein for the new #mycalvins campaign.

A sneak peak of the new commercial featuring Bieber with Dutch model Lara Stone was released on the official Calvin Klien twitter feed, and you can watch the video here:

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Fashion: 1ofK Denim by Rajesh Chatrani

1ofK Denim by Rajesh Chatran

Teenage bad boy, computer genius and now entrepreneur is taking over fashion with his signature jeans designed under 1ofK. Rajesh Chatrani (above), a Bajan born entrepreneur always had a penchant for art and design, however his path took him to FIU studying computer science. His innate gifts for programming and methodological thinking got him recruited in his 3rd year by NASA to develop software.
During his tenure there his thirst to be creative and his ambition drove him to the fashion industry. It was the loss of his father and a promise made to take care of his family that propelled Raj to break out on his own and create his own business. He began promotions, flipped a nightclub and started his own electronics business in Maimi which exported to the Caribbean. He had the Midas touch but still felt like he could do more. It was the fated meeting with an retired fashion designer that encouraged him. Between his knack for creativity and this ambition he began exploring the merger of the “Couture” concepts of fashion with denim and thus 1ofK was born with its roots based in Miami.

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